Trailer Tail Rubbing Tricks by Ruthann Smith

Trailer Tail Rubbing Tricks

Horse Face


If you have a horses that sits on his tail in the ‪trailer‬, try clipping him high on the halter. And old timer, that has shipped horses for generations, says that can make the difference. The idea is that when able to move their head more, they stress less.

The trick is twofold:

  1. Don't let horses touch noses when traveling. Great friends have been known to chew each other up in transit. Shipping can turn troublesome. You may need to tie one side low to prevent touching noses.

  2. The horse may be bracing. Many travel more comfortably in a single stall. Others prefer to travel backwards. There is usually a ticket, if you can just figure that horse out.

Tail bandages

As far as tail bandages, I never shipped with them. If I did, it was a cotton ace, which would breathe well. Neoprene is not in line with my sensibilities.

If the horse is genuinely itchy, provided genitals are clean, Lucky Braids Handy Salve will break the cycle and All-In-One Shampoo keep you out of the loop, guaranteed. If you don't LOVE LOVE it, we'll refund you in full. Shipping is free, so you can try it risk-free.



Ruthann Smith
Ruthann Smith


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