Lucky Braids for Top Turnout Product Reviews

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Lucky Braids uses the highest quality ingredients. The Shampoo and Spray system makes horses easy to clean and even the greys shine. We use it on all our horses. Now...

Kim Prince, USET Championship Teams

Hey Ruthann, I just want to thank you for your post a little while ago about pulling your horse's mane. My horse doesn't like her mane pulled, so I have been using a razor blade. But she still did not like it at all. After reading your post that suggested doing very small groups of hair at a time, I tried doing that and it really made my girl feel better. She actually relaxed and almost fell asleep while I was doing her mane. And she let me do her forelock. It became a bonding opportunity for both of us. So I just want to say thanks for the helpful suggestion :)

Valerie Anne Mallder‎

Black and White Horse Running Beautiful Mane

Can't believe how white Lyra's mane and feathers turned out!! Lucky Braids shampoo works excellent!

PradaAnd Prosecco‎

Sand Colored Horse Beautiful Shine Horse Shampoo

Hi Ruth Ann I wanted to just say thank you and I love your shampoo. I got a rescue pony mare a couple months a go that was in rough shape, I gave her a bath today with your shampoo and the results speak for themselves! When I got the mare she was caked in mud, her tail was solid poo, dandruff covered, under weight and was just gross in general. She is still a work in progress but this is her today.

Kathy Gilleran‎

Beautiful White Horse Shine Shampoo

Just have to say thank you to Lucky Braids for your wonderful products! I only use your shampoo and spray and I had more than 4 people come up to me at the last show to ask what I use to get him so clean. Good products plus everyday grooming can't be beat.

Emily Weyl

Beautiful Horse Tail Shampoo

Thanks Lucky Braids, keeping my tails sparkling bright!

Andrea Galbraith‎

Beautiful Horse Mane and Tail Shampoo

All clipped out after using Lucky Braids shampoo...the clippers just glided through and we were done so fast! Mane & tail are freshly sprayed and will be washed out tomorrow. Thank you Lucky Braids!

Karina Calvert Langford‎

I used lucky braids shampoo for the first time two weeks ago. Two baths later, my horses skin and coat are so much improved, I'm sold! No more itching and bald patches!! I love it! Thank you!

Kimberly Cartier Dome‎

Beautiful Horse Tail Shampoo

Found my new favorite product. Lucky Braids for Top Turnout has an all in one shampoo. After just one use, his hair looks like a million dollars. Cyclone's tail had been very long from me keeping it in a braid all the time but thin so i cut it and kept it down for the last few months and have not touched it. Lately he has been rubbing it and its been a snarled mess. Well, I just washed it with the all in one shampoo and picked it wet like the instructions said and omg.... wow!!

Mindy Comeau

Beautiful Horse Running Shampoo

Hi, I absolutely love Lucky Braids All in one Shampoo, easy to use and results are outstanding! And it saves me a lot of scrubbing time, so easy! Thank You for making such a great product!

Penny Oneson-Dobas

Beautiful Horses Playing Jumping Shampoo

I have a paint with a lot of white (mane also) where I used to spent a ton on whitening shampoo and shine spray to keep him clean, a silver dapple pinto mini that itched so badly, she scratched her legs raw and a friesian with a tangling mane and tail and areas with dandruff who used up a bottle of conditioner for each bath. The Lucky braids shampoo works MIRACLES on all 3. My mini no longer has sores and itching all day, her silver white mane and tail are SPARKLING, and they are super soft, no longer feel like "old Barbie doll hair". Brushing my friesian's mane and tail using your brushing technique is a breeze and I no longer pull out any hair, not a single strand! My paint is white where he needs to be and both of the boys are staying much cleaner even with daily rolling in their sand pit, the dandruff is reduced on the friesian and I'm no longer worried about scratches either. Plus it saves me SO much time! The suds rinse out super fast and I no longer have to shampoo, rinse, condition, wait, rinse, spray etc etc. Just shampoo and rinse! LOVE THIS!

‎ILonka Margis‎

Beautiful Long Horse Tail Shampoo

Example of a lucky braids tail! I only use lucky braids on my horses. Chloe's tail extends to about 10' long and is so thick I have to use two braids to keep that hair under control. Lucky Braids shampoo and handy salve has helped make the most chronic tail rubber stop rubbing their tail!

Kell Brings‎


Before using Lucky Braids my grey horses' coats were not bright. Now, all of our horses at Millar Brooke Farm gleam. The grey horses are dazzling and easy to keep clean - dirt doesn't stick...

Lori Green. Mgr. Millar Brooke Farm for Ian Millar

Lucky Braids Shampoo is the only one that does not dry out the horses' coats...

Molly Ashe Cawley


I love your product. It's perfect for my 11 month old gypsy filly. This was her first bath...

Michelle Jordan Clasby


For anyone who is hesitant to make the investment in Lucky Braids Shampoo.... DO IT! This stuff is...

Angela Hirose Myers


Your shampoo is SO FANTASTIC for my dog! Thank you for such a great product!

Tara Esperanza

Paso Mane

How's this for a Lucky Braids Shampoo shine? Pretty good for a horse that is outside 24/7 in Florida!

Barbara Chaisson

Paso Mane

Well I am impressed Thank you soo much Ruthann for helping...

Tanya Noble, Australia

Paso Mane

Tail brushed out as per Lucky Braid International Grooming tips - twist...

Kerry Masterman


I only use your products on my guy and he gleams!

Amanda Michele Rhaesa


Absolutely love your shampoo. The practice here is to clip out their white...

Kerry Masterman


I cannot tell a lie. This is too outrageous not to share. One week ago this...

Ruthann Smith

Despite good grooming and having tried all medications and shampoos. Lucky Braids Shampoo is the ONLY thing that solved our issues with sensitive skin and chronic hair loss. The hair grows in very fine and rich in color.

Mary Anne Minor, Mgr. Beacon Hill

We used Corona for 10 years. After first trying Lucky Braids Shampoo there was a 100% difference. Coats are easy to clean, requiring less time--Tails were even bigger. We were going to use a fake tail, but with just 2 baths with the Lucky Braids Shampoo. We don't need a fake tail!

Israel Hernandez, Mgr., Davlyn Farms

We use Lucky Braids products. Our horse's full tails are gorgeous. White and sensitive legs get sprayed before they go out to help repel dirt. Initially we used the Salve on scratches and they were better in a day. We also find it effective for treating tail rubbing and scrapes to heal skin and grow hair back quickly.

Jeffery Welles, Samsung Super League Championship Team


Love all of your products! I use them daily when grooming my horses!...

Krista Moyer

Hi! I just wanted to say how great your product is working on a bad case of...

April Greicus


This horse lives outside 24/7, in the Australian SUN and Queensland RAIN. Lucky Braids Shampoo makes for big shine and keeps the mud fever at bay.

Kerry Masterman

I gave my grey mare her first bath with Lucky Braids All-In-One Shampoo. All I can say is WOW! What an awesome product!!!

Jeri Ostrom

Shiny coat from Lucky Braids for Top Turnout All-in-One Shampoo! Video Here

Amanda Chaves


Ruthann, just wanted to share this photo of my horse last night. I have been using...

Angela Hirose Myers


Indigo had dreadlocks on his tail yesterday when he went into the wash rack, and...

Joseph Padron


They work! Nothing was helping long-standing rainrot and rubs from itching. It is HOT...

Dianne Colwell, Port Orange, FL


This is my mare Lexi. As you can see she has "frosting" along her mane, that for 5 years I thought was only...

Tama Freeman Gunn


I've got 3 grays and they all glisten thanks to your shampoo! And lots of elbow grease!

Lehanne Campbell, Steve Southard Photography


This picture says it all. Your whitener shampoo and spray out does all the others!

Kim Davenport


The Salve works wonders!

Charlotte Bennett McEnroe, Medfield, MA

Scratch Free Jeffery

White and sensitive legs get sprayed before they go out to help repel dirt. Initially we used the Salve...

Jeffery Welles, USET Championship Team


Ruthann got to test the All In One out on my 2 today (just tails again, bring...

Tanya Noble, Australia


Nothing like a #horse that shines in the dark! This body clipped gelding uses only Lucky Braids...

Ruthann Smith


Just wanted to report that I gave my Friesian his first bath with Lucky Braids shampoo and we both LOVED IT...

Leslie Goldman Berro

Still a week later able to finger easily thru my horses tails that I washed with The All Purpose Shampoo! And white tails r still clean.

Ashley Nelson

Thanks to your DVD and your extremely helpful comments last week, I received many, many compliments on my braiding job at an un-rated show yesterday!! Was told that my braids were gorgeous and that I'm ready to do my own braiding for my hunter for HITS Saugerties!!! HURRAY!!!

Jane Dihn

Good morning the video and tool...and I must say I learned a lot more than I thought I would (not as a cut to you but I have been braiding for years myself) your speed amazed me.....I was also surprised to find that you avoid hair sprays, gels, etc. or do you use them at times. I still would love to attend a hopefully you will be near NC sometime in the future. Thanks again...I am going to go practice as we have a show next weekend....


Yesterday the dog was sick - I mean colossally sick - all over a lovely old cowhide that graces our dining room floor. What to do? It was time for the big guns! I dragged it outside by two fingers, along with the Lucky Braids Shampoo! Figured if it was good enough for show horses, it would work on the remains of a cow. It did; dried lustrous, soft and shiny. The rug is back in situ and even the dog is feeling better now. Thanks for a great product!

Lee McLean

We found that Lucky Braids by Ruth­ann Shampoo actually improves the texture of the mane and tail for braiding by adding conditioning agents that help to repair dam­age and detangle the hair. Aloe vera adds natural texture and grip to the mane, so it can be braided directly after washing. It also reduces drying and discomfort in the hair—a com­mon side effect of a dirty mane—that can encourage the horse to rub.”

Horse Journal Trail of Braiding Products


Thank you so much for the Dry Wash! I just give him a once over with this spray before...

Alli Shepard


The first shot is the color of my horses tail when I got her. The second shot after 3 months of working...

Tamika Shef


I live in Georgia and the red clay equals an orange grey. Nothing has ever worked to whiten...

Amanda Michele Rhaesa


Your wonderful shampoo makes working with the thick Native Pony manes a breeze...

Nicole Walker

A North Hampton Hunter Jumper Show Judge came up to my daughter and said, 'You have the best braids.' Thanks to your video! We took champion!

Angelika Stonick, North Granby, CT

Hi Ruthann!! Happy to report all my horse's rub marks on her face are now gone after washing with All-In-One Shampoo and using a damp cloth on her face a couple times a day!

Amanda Chaves

Beach Road Mane

First washing ever with Lucky Braids and the Whitener. It is still not...

Beach Road Farm

Horse Shampoo....I did a test yesterday between the 2 most suggested shampoos and I was totally disappointed with one of them. Lucky Braids for Top Turnout is far superior than the other one tested. I wish I hadn't spent the money to try it out. I had to scrub three times as much and it still did not get the pony near as clean as Lucky Braids. I won't be branching out again!

Carol Ann Burns

Sarah Braid

Just want to share... this is my second braid job since I got your DVD. I hadn't...

Sarah Espinoza-Sokal

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your shampoo!! I've always had to keep my boys mane braided because as soon as he would shake his head, his entire mane would be in one giant knot. I started using your shampoo and for the first time in 6 years, I was able to keep his mane down. This was taken on Thursday, his mane hadn't been braided in a week and I didn't brush it. This was after he played and rolled in the arena as well.

Tara Smith


Thanks again Lucky Braids, we had him all cleaned up for a potential buyer and...

Sherri Taylor

Okay been watching my mini mares mane and omw since I have been just using ur shampoo on her...she now has mane down to knee!! I am so amazed! I will always use ur shampoo on her and my horses. Gonna be buying alot come spring time for training and shows!! Your Salve is wonderful too. It has helped the dogs, horses and even my cuts to heal and the animals to get some itch relief. ur supplies!!

Ashley Nelson

Hi Ruthann! I just bought your shampoo, and am so impressed with how clean and shiny my horse was after just one use. And his tail looked so full! He's an OTTB, and while his condition and coat have just blossomed with care, his tail has been slower to develop. But it is really looking great now, so THANK YOU! Love your posts, btw, so thanks again!

Mandy Izzo

Just wanted to post that I have a VERY sensitive OTTB that is really thin skinned. He's always been good about grooming but prefers soft rubber curries and brushes ... nothing hard or stiff. BUT his favorite part of grooming BY FAR is when I walk around him dabbing the Lucky Braids Handy Salve on any scrapes, scruff, or on his belly center line. He literally drops his head and almost goes to sleep. I can only assume it feels great!

Salli Hill Outten

Okay been watching my mini mares mane and omw since I have been just using ur shampoo on her...she now has mane down to knee!! I am so amazed! I will always use ur shampoo on her and my horses. Gonna be buying alot come spring time for training and shows!! Your Salve is wonderful too. It has helped the dogs, horses and even my cuts to heal and the animals to get some itch relief. ur supplies!!

Ashley Nelson


The Salve really helped our horses' fungus scratches.

Jill Townsend, Wellington

The Lucky Braids Whitener is WELL WORTH the price. I use it on wet mane/tail/feather, or dry...literally, you would not believe how great it works.

Kira Johnson, Wellington, FL

I got my Tools and DVD today!! I love them!! Going to practice, practice, practice.

Lesli Bosman

I watched the video twice and I am super pumped to start trying your methods. The video was so well done. Thank you!!

Patti Seiller

I got the DVD yesterday and LOVE it! I've always done my own braiding and found this DVD to be extremely helpful.

Laura Piccard

I really like the Lucky Braids shampoo I purchased for my puppy. She came out soft and fluffy from her bath. Thanx, Ruthann Smith

Nika Michelli Werner

Love the shampoo and the Handy Salve! the open sore that had been on my hand that refused to heal has healed up within 10 days. my gelding no longer rubs his tail. i adore the products!

Kell Briggs

I used your shampoo for the first time this evening. I LOVE IT!!! His coat was so clean, soft, and shiny. I don't think I have ever even seen such white socks! I am a true believer and I am now addicted to this shampoo.

Lisa Bell-Boyer

Had a horse show yesterday and had compliments on my mostly white pinto. So glad I added ur shampoo and whitening spray to my grooming routine. He looked so handsome and white and shiny.

Ashley Nelson

I have a bay/brown mare & people always comment on how clean she is. I recently washed a 32 year old grey that has been retired in the paddock for a decade with Lucky Braids for Top Turnout shampoo, OMG! The horse glowed white, the results were amazing! Cannot recommend your product enough, especially impressed on results for greys & pallys. Thanks.

Narelle McLeod

I love your better braiding DVD and have learned tremendously from it. It is my braiding bible!

Lindsay Skender

I wanted to say that I loved your mane braiding video it was extremely helpful.

Megan Corrigan


Braids have been turning out pretty well with the help of Ruthann's video!

Jana Lyle Ellerbusch

I just received my shampoo and have to comment. I've tried it on 3 horses, and I'm impressed. I love the clean rinse out. At first, I didn't think the hair felt "conditioned", but once the horses were dry, hair was clean, soft and full. I'm an advocate of good nutrition, good grooming and no products. My horses are super shiny, the All in One shampoo just adds to that. Thanks, Ruthann. Great product!

Jennifer J. Chadfield

I thought I would update you to let you know how my horse's scrape is doing. I started putting the Handy Salve on the area a week ago (when it arrived in the mail) and it had no hair at all, and was red and sore from sunburn. Within two days, the scrape had hair growing sparsely, and it is now totally covered by growing hairs! It is also not red anymore. I am so impressed, and have been applying the Salve to other nicks on my horse, as well as to his tailbone to prevent him rubbing which he tends to do when the flies come out this time of year. Thank you for the awesome products!

Hannah Nickeson

One of my horses had a terrible problem with rubbing her mane and tail for years (especially in the summer), and up until I purchased this product, I couldn't find a solution. And believe me, I tried EVERYTHING. I was honestly a little skeptical, but after the first use, the rubbing stopped immediately, and I didn't notice any signs of further irritation for at least a month. Then, I applied it again and the rubbing stopped for good. This stuff is worth every penny, and a little goes a long way, so it really is cost effective. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

Nisa, Idaho

This is less than 24 hours later, after my irish got attacked by nike the gelding. this was taken with my cell phone, and not a really good quality. but i have never seen my horse with her legs so shinny before! hallelujah, i know this is the real deal! if my horse hated baths before, she loves them now, with this product! she nearly fell asleep, even when i walked away, she was very content. my horse has been known to pull when getting a bath, but this time... she just fell asleep, as i walked away. some times you dont always know what horses are trying to tell you, but i figured it out this time! this is a very very happy shiny horse, right here! so very proud of her legs!

Anna Oaks

Love the shampoo. I was skeptical at first because my horses hair felt strange after I washed it, but after brushing completely it dried so nice and stays separated and nice for days!

Charlene Zubka

If you're looking to kick off your braiding career—be it as an amateur or a profession­al—you can't go wrong with Lucky Braids by Ruthann's Better Braiding DVD/Tools.

Horse Journal

It takes a lot to amaze me.... but this product is spot on !!!!

Warren Stevens, seasoned FEI groom

Love your DVD! I braided my horses mane for the first time and I had so many comments on it! Even people who braid all the time said how nice my braids came out! It took me longer but I was so happy on how it came out. Thank you so much!!

Patty Holm

Thank you for your wonderful products and lightening fast shipping!

Kimberly Orr Ramsey

Our favorite was Lucky Braids Yarn. It's strong but thin and easy to work with. Colors work beautifully.

Horse Journal

I want to thank you so much for the great products. I've been using the Salve on Jake's dry, itchy skin and it is doing wonders.

Hillary Vars Whelan, San Francisco, CA

I already love the shampoo and I can't imagine "going back" to anything else. Your shampoo is far superior, and I absolutely LOVE the smell.

Alyssa Huwe


I give all the credit to Lucky Braids products for the amazing shine and condition...

Kim Davenport


You can really see the white feather when he's moving... Thanks again Lucky Braids...

Sherri Taylor


Ruthann got to test the All In One out on my 2 today (just tails again, bring...

Tanya Noble, Australia

Scratch Free Jeffery

White and sensitive legs get sprayed before they go out to help repel dirt. Initially we used the Salve...

Jeffery Welles, USET Championship Team


Lucky Braids uses the highest quality ingredients. The Shampoo and Spray ...

Kim Prince, Samsung Super League Championship Team


We just used your products to clean up our Gypsy Cob gelding and he is sparkling white! His mane...

Sherri Taylor

Just wanted to let you know I received the DVD package and it was well worth the wait. After watching the video, I feel that I have finally been let in on some well kept secrets! Your presentation is fantastic, and the quality of the production is top notch. I'm excited to put your techniques into practice. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. I especially love your tips for keeping horses and braiders not only comfortable but safe.

Sarah Burton

This whitener is the best thing ever made! I was so excited when I first used it I was running around to get someone to come see; to witness the glory of it's effectiveness! Old stains just roll off my grey horse's coat.

Lisa Luongo, Hatfield, PA

The shampoo is fabulous!

Phyllis Beasley Whitlock

The Lucky Braids Whitener is WELL WORTH the price. I use it on wet mane/tail/feather, or dry...literally, you would not believe how great it works.

Debby Stansell

Great products! Whitener is fantastic. Best clinic ever!

Deb Driggs, Franklin, MA

We recommend Lucky Braids by Ruthann's Essential Braiding Tools.

Horse Journal

Great products! Whitener is fantastic. Best clinic ever!

Deb Driggs, Franklin, MA