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On Yelling

October 12, 2017

"The toughest teachers are not those that yell. In fact, training at high end horse shows is rather quiet. Projection can be relaxed and focused, often surprising me how quietly keen horsemen can communicate. There is a technique to bringing volume way down, to talk privately amid others.  It's a real skill, a social grace..."

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Snowy White

June 23, 2017

stop tail stains


Here’s a proven and guaranteed program for tails to be SNOWY WHITE, bright and SHINY.

Rule #1: Don’t use detangler. It can discolor. Plus, you WON’T NEED and added conditioner nor detangler with this program.
Rule #2: Don’t use conventional whitening shampoos. Did you ever notice those horses always seem to get dirty? Drying shampoos...

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