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Shiny Happy Horses


August 09, 2023

It's HOT, though there are quick and efficient ways to cool horses with little water at the barn or schooling area of shows. Here's how...
Cooling horses via juglar vein in barn and at ring

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Braid Like a Pro - The Anchor

April 05, 2023

The start of the braid is the foundation of every braid job. Regardless of how they are tied up (hunter, button, scallop, etc.), that base of the braids establishes whether they are:: comfortable, uniform, straight and/or sturdy.  You can imagine these braids are comfy, as the pressure is so even. 

If you want to learn to braid beautifully, I share my proven formula and favorite implements...

learn to braid manes and forelocks like a pro with Ruthann of Lucky Braids

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