Clean Tough Old Urine, Manure & Clay Stains Off Horses & Ponies by Ruthann Smith

Clean Tough Old Urine, Manure & Clay Stains Off Horses & Ponies

Remove Tough Stains off Horses

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Tough urine‬, manure‬ or clay‬ STAINS‬???  So often I see that deep yellow or red and feel so bad. Why? Because, I can tell they TRIED SO HARD. But, in my experience washing lots with conventional soaps and #horse #shampoos can drive stains deeper. As the hair is stripped and gets dried out, it is more porous and stains lock in. Add typical stain, shine and/or detangling products, and hair discolors even more. Of course, a dirty stall leaves the horse no choice. Nonetheless, that cycle of one perpetual pesky stin can be broken. I promise.

A better way to clean horse stains

The White Lies article details why the paradigm I advocate can make your life easier. After all, I spent decades braiding alone in the dark, thinking: there must be a better way. Greys and whites can be easy to clean and keep that way. Bottomline: use Lucky Braids All-In-One Shampoo found here. If you need to treat tough old stains or a quick morning spot wash on any color horse, the Lucky Braids Whitener/Dry Wash Spray will lift those stains without parching the coat.



For really nasty stains, just get the spray into the dry hair and let it sit. Don't scrub. After the stain is lifted, simply wipe with a towel. Really old stains may need you to work on them for a day or so. Just keep spritzing the area. When the enzyme dries, it dies. So, just keep the solution activated by re-spritzing. Then, these products will make it easy to stay ahead of stains.

Remember that detanglers and the like on tails gets swished onto hocks and hips. I find those products often lead hair to discolor. The good news is you won't need them. Simply shampoo with LuckyBraids‬ ALL-IN-ONE Shampoo‬ and comb tails wet. They'll dry big and floaty. Many report they can just shake shavings out for a week.



Gallons are most cost-effective, and you only need a little bit of the shampoo. Whitener refill gallons cost a fraction of the quarts. Though, you want to use our sprayers so light won't damage the enzyme. We offer empties. Truth be told, if you use the shampoo once a week, you won't really need much Whitener, if any. Plus, I am told the bugs won't eat them alive, like horses not on our program. This article shows you how to care fo your horse.

Love Love Guarantee

We do give a LOVE LOVE Guarantee. If you are not totally impressed, just call me to be sure you are following the program correctly. If you experience anything less than lots of love for the results, we'll refund you in full, no matter where you buy Lucky Braids. Shipping is free domestically and discounted internationally.



Ruthann Smith
Ruthann Smith


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Penny L Cronk
Penny L Cronk

August 27, 2020

We’ve tried everything out there and even some home natural methods..
Better… but still not white….
Hoping this product does the trick.

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