SCRATCHES Myths and Truths by Ruthann Smith

SCRATCHES Myths and Truths

I just read a blog by a very old and prominent company. It was wrought with misinformation. Ugh. To clarify:

The image above shows the results after bathing with Lucky Braids Shampoo.

Rules to know

Rule #1- ALWAYS only put bone dry legs in or out. Using a clean TOWEL to dry legs has MANY benefits. Increasing circulation promotes healing and natural defenses. ONLY dry legs go out or in. Keep a clean towel handy that only gets used to dry clean legs.


Rule #2- DO NOT pick scabs. For one, I know a very seasoned trainer that got her FACE BROKEN doing that. Read: smashed teeth, nose, cheek and jaw. Broken. Apart from hurting, you are just *opening the skin* for more infection. Picking scabs will make a big, sore, oozing mess. Scabs are part of the healing process. Let it run its course.

"I just wanted to say how great your product is working on a bad case of scratches that my horse has had for months. I have tried so many products and nothing helped. I bought the All-In-One Shampoo and Handy Salve. A week and a half after use, I have made some major improvements" -April Greicus

 Rule #3- Clean is NOT enough. Even medicated shampoos can, in the long run, make conditions worse.

 Rule #4- Choose products carefully. A medicated shampoo that dries out the skin is stripping its natural defenses. So, the crud may go away for a moment, but it will return. A greasy ointment is problematic in three ways:

  1. It attracts dirt- the problem
  2. It clogs pores, which inhibits healing
  3. It attracts sun that dries out skin, whereby depleting natural defenses.

Solution against scratches

If you want to be all forward with healing as well as protect the skin… break the cycle of scratches with Lucky Braids Handy Salve and stay out of the loop with our All-In-One Shampoo.

All Lucky Braids products come with a LOVE LOVE Guarantee and are available online.


Ruthann Smith
Ruthann Smith


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