Emiliano WINS by Ruthann Smith

Emiliano WINS

Groom Emiliano Colin Cano Wins Big at the Grand Prix


HERE HE IS!  The esteemed Emiliano Colin Cano, set horse Anton Radio Formula and rider Jaime Azcarraga up to WIN yesterday’s Million Dollar Grand Prix. Jaime is clearly an accomplished rider, and VERY busy guy. Emiliano (+see below) keeps his horses tuned, sound and big-hearted as they travel the world to compete.

Jaime told the Chronicle of the Horse that, “Anton is a nervous horse. You have to calm him down... so he gets a bit quiet.” This tells us Emiliano’s getting that horse to the ring right is pivotal to his ability to him being his best. Though Jaime also asserted, “He’s a winner. He likes to compete. He’s a tough horse."   Translation: #BigHeartsWin.

This pic was taken just for *us.*  I simply asked for a ringside image.  Here Emiliano clearly made sure the horse was all set and Jaime wholly handled before taking a moment and heading back to the barn following yesterday's $1,000,000 Grand Prix Win at HITS Thermal.

The Top Turnout Effect

The picture embodies #TopTurnout.  The rider was off to the press conference. As Jaime’s right-hand man, Emiliano’s got the:

  • Hunt coat PERFECTLY folded. We see the red lining of it inside-out. There will be *no* wrinkles and it *will* stay clean!
  • Rake to keep schooling area jump approach preened
  • Rider’s back support belt/beige material folded neatly under his arm
  • Helmet, gloves and spurs
  • Backpack with crop, water, etc. (I am going to ask what exactly is in his magic bag. Stay tuned.)
  • Lucky Braids for Top Turnout cotton embroidered cap!  It's 100% cotton and fits like a soft glove.

I love that Emiliano chose to stand next to the mounting block in the schooling area. He is not showing us the ribbon or a playful pose. His perspective is naturally workmanlike. Relaxed and right on target, per usual.   In it.

I am truly honored that Emiliano, who is among the *very most seasoned and successful #horsemen,* chooses Lucky Braids All-In-One Shampoo which you can find here.

You can see how great Anton Radio Formula looks and how happy he was jumping BIG.  Here’s video of the round. 



More of Emiliano

If you are not privy from the previous Facebook post…  Emiliano first came to the United States with Jet Run, one of the most famous showjumpers of all time. When the horse was bought for Micheal Matz, Emiliano was "sold" with his charge.  Of course, what Emiliano wanted most of all, was to stay with his great horse. The new owners knew better than to mess with a great thing. Grooms can be pivotal to horses’ success. Emiliano came with Jet Run. He stayed with the horse throughout his illustrious career and then chose to return to his family in Mexico City. That’s where Emiliano and Jaime Azcarraga's Team Radio Formula hail from now. Jaime’s son competes as well. They’ll have 9 horses at Spruce Meadows.

So, stay tuned.  :)


Ruthann Smith
Ruthann Smith


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