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The Painted-On Look

Painted-On Look

Amanda Steege's #TopTurnout

We call this the PAINTED-ON LOOK. People talk about numbers of #braids. A great #braider knows what's REALLY important is that the:

  • Bottomline of the #mane is perfectly straight.
  • Braids are sized so they sit well on the neck.
  • Cheat the angle so braids are longer toward the poll than the withers, and the neck looks rounder.
  • Maintain a really uniform and/or gradual visual rhythm to the braids and they carry your eye down the neck.
  • Braids are comfortable and sturdy. Braids that look painted-on won’t jiggle to distract the eye, nor go askew with scrubbing crest releases.

This is a topnotch braid job by Jeff Claxton, is yet another way Amanda Steege distinguishes herself and Ashmeadow Farm for *EXCELLENCE IN #HORSEMANSHIP.* Consider this another #TopTurnout Salute!

If you want to braid like this, lots of tips are posted in the Grooming Resource.of this site.  Get the formula down and your manes can look like this every time.  I suspect this took about 35 minutes.  Here's how to be your best braider.


*This grey is SHINING IN THE DARK for Lucky Braids All-In-One Shampoo.

Ruthann Smith
Ruthann Smith