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BRAIDER'S GIFT PACK Braid Like a Top Pro

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"Braiding is critical to top turnout, an important facet of horsemanship well-learned in this braiding video by Ruthann.”  -George H. Morris

Braid Like a Top Pro

Whether a seasoned pro or beginner, this is the most effective system for improving your technique.  Optimize horses’ conformation and catch the judge’s eye with Ruthann’s finger form.  As with equitation, if your body is in the proper position, it’s easy to balance to the next movement.  Ruthann teaches a specific formula to consistently, quickly and comfortably lay down gorgeous braid jobs.

This pack sets you up to be able to achieve uniform, sturdy braids with a straight bottomline, just like the very best braiders. 

Braid beautifully to: earn the judge’s respect, get in a groove with your horse before showing, outshine the competition, save money and perhaps even pay for your horse habit.  Plus, braiding well just good horsemanship.

Ruthann’s braiding system includes:

  • *NEW* Mane Comb to make uniform braids, that draw your eye down the horses neck.  This 6” comb is Ruthann’s very favorite.  The first tooth is the best size for precisely cutting straight and even parts in the mane.  The spine is strong enough to thin the mane easily as well.  This is the best comb for braiding.
  • Lucky Braids DVD shares secrets to braiding quickly and comfortably.  Ruthann braids a pulled mane and French forelock, though the finger form is also most efficient for braiding tails and long manes. 
  • Essential Tools for braiding and unbraiding quickly and safely while instilling confidence in the horse
  • Braiding Yarn to get practicing.  This yarn can be adjusted to execute a perfectly straight and sturdy bottomline to your braids
  • Top Turnout Tips finally solve horses’ most pervasive hair & skin issues
  • All-In-One Shampoo Sample – Wash a sock and see.

Whether a seasoned pro or beginner, this Braider's Pack includes everything you need to consistently braid beautifully, quickly and comfortably. 

No more stress of needing to find a braider or covering showing costs.

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