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Is That Horse Body Clipped??!

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YES!!! Freshly clipped and SHINY!!!

I get a lot of questions about #BodyClipping. This image was taken last week. The horse had its FIRST CLIP of the fall a week earlier. Does the coat look ruined??? That is #greatgrooming. It's a HIGH COMPLIMENT is when someone asks, “Is that horse clipped?”

This horse gets #groomed vigorously daily, before and after work.  This keeps the hair fine.  Currying exfoliates and stimulates oils.  Grooming pulls natural protective oils down the hair shafts, to close the end.  That is why this horse does not have the wire brush look.  Instead, he looks like satin!

Normally, Ace of Spades is bathed once a week, sometimes more often. He also got a soap bath before and after clipping. The #barn only uses the shampoo that instead of stripping the coat, actually enhances natural oils: Lucky Braids All-In-One Shampoo.

This #TopTurnout Salute goes out to the great groom Martha Briseno and all of Snowbrook with trainer Kimberly Prince. Their horses are always meticulously managed.

I just love to honor and celebrate EXCELLENCE in #HORSEMANSHIP!


 More TIPS for a clipping beautifully.

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Ruthann Smith
Ruthann Smith