Braid Like a Pro- HOLIDAY SPECIAL by Ruthann Smith


Lucky Braids by Ruthann how-to video

“Braiding is a small thing, but all those small things add up to big things.” -Michael R. Matz, 3-time Olympian & Kentucky Derby-Winning Trainer

Do you want to learn a streamline formula for laying down consistently gorgeous braids, made quickly and comfortably? I teach a finger form. Much like equitation, if your body is in the proper position, it can balance to the next movement. In this case, speedy braiding without cramping.

“Whether beginner or advanced, anyone can learn to improve their technique with the Lucky Braids DVD/Tool." ~Ruthann

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Many benefits to braiding well:

• It’s #soundhorsemanship
• Level the playing field. Beautiful braids earn instant credibility.
• Independence- Great skill to master for financial gain
• Prepare horse and rider mentally for competition
• Enhance horse's conformation
• Availability- Why trot in all those circles & hike all that equipment… if you can’t find a reliable braider?

• I was pro at 9 y/o and have always worked for myself. If very dedicated, it’s an option.

For less than the price of two manes braided, you can learn to braid like a top professional.

This system is distinctive. I taught braiding and studied film making for a decade before developing the Lucky Braids how-to video. It speaks to your inclinations, so you can optimize your learning curve. The DVD is coupled with specialized tools, designed for speed and safety. The Braider’s Pack includes all you need to start learning and practicing this tried-and-true system.

**HOLIDAY SALE** Discount code: peace

Preview video and ORDER HERE.

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Ruthann Smith
Ruthann Smith


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