We're Back! by Ruthann Smith

We're Back!

It’s been a minute 😊 

During our break from social media, we focused on some of our favorite things:

Committed to using the most effective and clean ingredients, Lucky Braids provides the absolute finest in *hair & skin care products for your animals.*
Our manufacturing process is updated, while keeping true to the keen craftsmanship our customers expect.

We’re stocked & ready to enhance your summer with LuckyBraids’ award-winning All-In-One Shampoo, Whitener/Dry Wash & braiding supplies.


Our products are only sold by select dealers.  So, look or ask for Lucky Braids products at your local tack shop and those at horse shows across the US, UK, AU & Canada.  Otherwise, we ‘ll ship anywhere in the world from LuckyBraids.com.   Stock up today!


My primary goal is to raise the bar of horsemanship.  Stay tuned as we celebrate sound horsemanship by sharing best practices and the stories of the great grooms.  You can find us on IG and FB.

The effectiveness and versatility of Lucky Braids products is a quiet revolution.  It hinges on people like you, who help me focus on creating the very best products and educational resources.  Each time you share your love for Lucky Braids, I am sincerely grateful.
Shine on,


­­­***Special thanks to the spectacular grooms of Trelawny Farm for sharing the unreal shine that’s the norm is that barn.

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Ruthann Smith
Ruthann Smith


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