True LOVE by Ruthann Smith


This child is not feeding a treat nor squawking to get on. The baby is *FEELING* the mini. Love is cultivating connection, confidence and comfort.

This little guy is all too happy to GROOM! That's what you do: take care. He's using his whole body, heart and mind to brush! Look at that focus! The real beauty and love of horses is in the feel.  It is making horses comfortable in their skin.


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Many of the very best grooms grew up in Guadalajara Jalisco Mex.. Here's why. This is #greatgroom Victor Briseno's son. What I LOVE about this image is the CONNECTION. The skill, feel and sensibility is gleefully and honorably passed on. The Mexican city that was built on cattle, much like Texas. Traditionally grooms from Guadalajara have descended from many generations of EXCELLENCE in #HORSEMANSHIP.

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Ruthann Smith
Ruthann Smith


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