How-to For Stain-Free & EASY to Groom Greys by Ruthann Smith

How-to For Stain-Free & EASY to Groom Greys

Grooming Grey Horses to Get Them White with No Stains
By Hannah Wisener @hannahweq
People always ask me how I get Henry so sparkly white. Well, truth be told, there is no keeping this over sized piggy from his beloved mud, and I don’t have a magic trick… but I do have something close.

I used to scrub Henry on almost a daily basis with purple shampoo, only to find him covered in stains that wouldn’t come out the next day. Little did I know, I was only making the problem worse! I’ve since learned how drying and irritating purple shampoo is to horses’ coats. It was causing his thirsty hair to further absorb the stains, making them even harder to get out. It was a vicious cycle.

Keeping their skin and coat moisturized is so important to keep it healthy! Now the only shampoo I use on the regular is Lucky Braids All-in-One Shampoo by @topturnout. It has made such a difference in Henry’s coat, mane, and tail! While he still loves to sleep on poop in his stall, stains that were once semi-permanent come almost all the way out with just grooming or spray of water! It also helps treat and prevent fungus and other skin problems, a constant battle in the humid south.

In between washes and to quick start removing those deep stains, I use their Whitener & Dry Wash Spray. I have used every stain remover spray on the market, and can honestly say this is the best working one. The best thing about both of these products is they are not limited to grey horses! They are great for any color horse. I highly recommend Lucky Braids Products for healthy hair and skin care for your horse! 🤍✨

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Ruthann Smith
Ruthann Smith


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