EARTHDAY - Healthier Options for Bugs & Weeds by Ruthann Smith

EARTHDAY - Healthier Options for Bugs & Weeds


Today is an opportunity to rethink our use of pesticides and herbicides.  Both of which, are not only toxic to humans and animals.  They disrupt entire ecosystems- those that sustain life on this planet.  Here are some easy and actionable steps to embrace on this Earth Day.

You can DETER BUGS without spraying by simply bathing with Lucky Braids All-In-One Shampoo.  In short, it makes skin less delectable.  The highest quality essential oils ward off bugs and the unique formula leaves skin more resilient/less sensitive.  There are bugs, but horses are not so bothered.  Here in the tropics, horses living out were getting eaten alive.  But NOT their pasture mates, who got bathed weekly with Lucky Braids Shampoo!  I can’t tell you how many such stories I have heard.  Those that kick their bellies raw- no more.   One mare was OUT OF HER MIND.  They could hardly ride her!  She was crazy over the deer flies biting and had been distressed for months.  Finally someone recommended Lucky Braids All-In-One Shampoo.  The lady lathered her up… and she put her head down and took a breath.  Different game.  Even with super sensitive horses in buggy areas, it really takes the edge off so they can be comfy in their skin.

Many barns have automatic fly sprayer systems and claim they are non-toxic.  Let’s think about this.  It sprays on the hay and water all day.  Do you want to eat those chemicals?  As a braider I can’t stand breathing them!  There must be a better way…. and there is!

To keep bugs out of the barn, Kevin Babbington developed a brilliant system.  It basically involves something like old style bead curtains covering windows and doors.  Horses can hang their heads out, and few bugs come in.  Because they are horses, he offers a clever and sturdy closed chain system.  Check it out in the Green is the New Blue Blog.

The most common weed killer is Roundup, aka glyphosate.  It has been proven to cause cancer, kill bees and even important organisms in the soil.  It gets in the ground and ultimately drinking and rainwater.  They tested a large number of cereals/grains and wines.  It was in them all!  This is a problem that threatens life on earth! 

Truth is, many “WEEDS” have HEALING PROPERTIES.  Horses pick what they need for their bellies.  Clover is a favorite.  It also grows great in trafficked areas.  So, while it pays to be cognizant of the few plants that may be toxic, on the most part, biodiversity is a powerful option. 

If you do need to manage some weeds, there are healthy options.  Vinegar is one.  Feel free to share your favorites in the comment.

I encourage you to think beyond the idea that we need only one kind of grass to be attractive.  I find variety soothes my soul, attracts pollinators and makes horses happy.   

These are a few paradigm-shifting ideas that I hope you find empowering as we celebrate Mother Earth.

Ruthann Smith
Ruthann Smith


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