Sound Horsemanship Clinic Near Boston Saturday

Sound Horsemanship Clinics

What to expect during the clinic

The first  live-horse demonstration will be jam-packed with information handy for all equestrians, including:

  • Teaching horses to be very happy standing still, never fussing, focusing on work, being easy to handle and having impeccable manners
  • Handling safely and to instill confidence, which makes for willing partners
  • Achieving naturally big tails with easy maintenance
  • Pulling manes peacefully, even when it has been problematic in the past
  • Avoiding and treating rubs
  • Bandaging for soundness (Most bandaging does not)
  • Braiding like a top pro- laying down consistently gorgeous braids quickly and comfortably

When is this happening?

Sound handy? Then, THIS Saturday is for you. I’d love to meet and work with you. The day will be very interactive, so I can be sure to best address your issues.Sound Horsemanship Clinics

The Horsemanship Clinic Series is a ground-breaking opportunity for me to share more information than ever. So, if you have attended a clinic before, you can return with fresh eyes and more experience from which to build.  I encourage those affiliated with all riding disciplines and breeds to attend, especially on the Saturday, January 24th. Bring your parents, friends, mates, etc. The day will be fun and empowering, as we get in the horses' heads to develop sound sensibilities and skills.

Sound Horsemanship Clinics


This endeavor to Raise the Bar of Horsemanship comes to you thanks to Olympic gold and silver medalist Karen Stives’ generous gift to our alma mater, Dana Hall School.

Please find more information on dates to follow and to REGISTER NOW.  



Ruthann Smith
Ruthann Smith


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