November 13, 2017


At the recent #Sound #Horsemanship #Clinic, I realized how many people *inadvertently* essentially abandon their horses and/or undermine their time together.


Forgive me for assuming a horses’ thoughts, but in my mind, this translation is the essence of a common pattern…
*Horses hear what you feel.* I am a big fan of lofty goals. However, if you are riding and filling your mind with negative thoughts for a mistake, all the horse knows is there is a problem. They get worried, feel insecure and alone in it. Where is that going?

If, on the other hand, you keep your eyes on the prize to find the good and support your horse’s efforts… Where is that going?


Horses want to be partners. In their evolution, it a matter of survival. So, you can set your horse up to be a willing partner. Keep your mind clear of chatter/clutter and above all, be positive. Think of the good and what you want. Appreciate small advances. It will help instill confidence and build a #bigheart.


Now, no baby talk is needed.   That is weak energy, which does not serve our purposes. Softening is a great gift. A soft touch can even be more effective than a pat. Bottomline message: everything is okay.   Be a clear and comforting leader.


When I have trouble with my vibe/negative self talk, I find the best way to snap my vibe is gratitude. Anything. Be thankful. Make stuff up if you needed. Invariably, if you focus on being grateful… if you CHOOOSE thoughts of THANKS, things will instantly turn more positive and peaceful.

Get that clear head and light vibe and your horse will love you. Awareness is love. J

Remember that if you need to change the plan for your horse’s needs or issues of the day, that is healthy progress.   Sometimes just enough is best- the most for the day. Celebrate all. Keep your horse’s heart big.



Ruthann Smith
Ruthann Smith