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Lucky Braids Horse Whitener / Dry Wash

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This is not a bleach nor detergent, so it is much more versatile than a stain remover. It is a revolutionary enzymatic formula, which simply dissolves the bond between hair and dirt and it's paraben-free and PABA-free too!

Lucky Braids Whitener/Dry Wash Spray cleans horses completely, without stripping, parching nor coating hair.

It serves as a handy alternative to bathing ANY COLOR equine:

  • Ringside, instantly get mud off legs and tails.
  • If hooves are soft, no hose is needed
  • When cold, instantly spray and wipe clean
  • Clear Away any stains
  • Spray on sensitive horses after grooming, to help repel dirt.
  • Enhances luster on any coat, without leaving it slippery

To keep even greys and whites glistening, Lucky Braids All-In-One Shampoo.  They'll not only be brighter, but easier to keep clean.

Best Use of the Spray

Spray area. On normal urine, manure and tack stains, impurities instantly bead up or start to run. Then, wait a moment and simply wipe clean with a towel. No scrubbing needed.

For tough old stains, keep in mind that when the enzyme dries, it dies. So, spritz the area. Make sure it gets in between hairs. Let sit. You may need to re-apply if hair was dried out/ stains penetrated deeply.

For badly stained tails, spray and tie them up. With less surface area, they stay damp longer, so the enzyme can do its action. Keep spritzing the knot as needed.

The most cost effective way to use the spray is to get our quart (available empty or full).  Then use the our gallon.  Most bottles are translucent.  The light could damage the enzyme.  So, you want to use Lucky Braids quart spray bottles as they are opaque.

Good News for Tough Stains

Once ahead of old stains, it will be much easier to keep horses clean. Going forward, the hair will not attract impurities as before.

Note: with Lucky Braids All-In-One Shampoo, horses stay cleaner longer.

“If you need a spray-on product, we’d go with Lucky Braids Whitener. The Lucky Braids Shampoo and Spray system was TOPS for bathing and stain removing.

Horse Journal (The "Consumer Reports" of the equine industry)

*** YOU wand to use OUR SPRAY BOTTLE.  It is opaque as light can damage the enzyme.  Empty white Lucky Braids bottles are available for refill gallons.

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