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Braid Like a Top Pro DVD / Tool

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Learn to braid like a top pro.  This 80 minute video very effectively teaches Ruthann’s detailed formula for consistently laying down gorgeous braids quickly and comfortably.  Coupled with Essential Braiding Tools , is the most effective and efficient system for braiders to improve, be it the beginner or seasoned professional. 

HOW-TO DVD by Ruthann
Step-by-step instructions detail Ruthann’s finger form for leveraging hair, so braids are tight and hands relaxed.  Learn how to achieve the most important element of a braid job, the clean bottomline, to impress judges by enhancing a horse’s conformation and carriage.  Whether a seasoned pro or beginner, this DVD is packed with tips for braiding any horse more efficiently and beautifully.

Braiding is like equitation.  If your body is in the proper position, you can balance to the next movement.  Learn to go fast and get the braids even with Ruthann’s braiding system, which includes Lucky Braids DVD/Tool and Yarn. 

The step-by-step program shows everything up close and slowly. It builds and reviews, to be your most effective resource. 

Ruthann’s tried-and-true formula teaches you:

  • Braiding Objectives
  • Braiding Down
  • Adding Yarn
  • Knotting
  • Tying Up
  • The Forelock
  • Unbraiding Easily
  • Teaching Any Horse To Stand Still
  • Getting Good

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For less than the cost of two braided manes, you can learn to gain the competitive advantage as well as earning potential.

o Sample of Lucky Braids All-In-One Shampoo, which can reduce rubbing and makes it easier to braid difficult manes
o Sample of Lucky Braids specialized Braiding Yarn , which has the best properties for making beautiful braids
o Ruthann’s tips for pulling manes peacefully and solving the most pervasive grooming issues:  big tails, scratches, tail rubbing and stain management

"Bottom Line: If you’re looking to kick off your braiding career—be it as an amateur or a professional—you can’t go wrong with Lucky Braids by Ruthann’s Better Braiding Video and Essential Tools Kit." -Horse Journal (The "Consumer Reports" of the equine industry)

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