Tama Freeman Gunn's Testimonial

This is my mare Lexi. As you can see she has "frosting" along her mane, that for 5 years I thought was only 4 to 5 inches long, turns out, after using your All in one shampoo, is almost a foot long, lol. This picture was taken a week after being bathed and all I did was brush her with a stiff brush then a soft brush. My girlfriend said that Lex has always had a nice coat but it was 'flat', not anymore, she is so golden and shiny, and the frosting on her mane is still shiny and white, not pink from rolling in our clay soil, I'm astounded! My friends who have used the shampoo are just as impressed. One of them, a bay, his owner never knew his coat had so much mahogany in it, the other, her gelding looked like a mink coat. I also took your advice and washed my own (color treated) hair with it. I didn't lose any of the dye and only used half the amount of conditioner I usually do and my hair is soft! I gave some to a friend, whose dog has spring time allergies and is terribly itchy, and it's helping. Thank you so much from all of us!!

Tama Freeman Gunn