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Essential Horse Braiding Tools

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Designed by Professional braiders, these patented tools are made for speed and safety.  Ruthann’s braiding system allows you to not only braid faster, but also get a better feel for the sizing to yield more beautiful and durable braids.  Straight hook does not loosen braids.  Scissors are perfect for braiding and unbraiding.  No more seam rippers!  Comfortable and adjustable lanyard lets implements hang at wrists for easy access.  When a horse pulls back, instead of the hook flapping on his head, you can control the situation to send the horse to the ring not only looking great, but also level-headed.  Those are Lucky Braids!

These Essential Braiding Tools are available separately or with the Lucky Braids DVD, so anyone can learn to braid like a pro to achieve top turnout.

Tools come with samples of Lucky Braids Yarn and All-In-One Shampoo, which can improve your braiding, as well as Ruthann’s tips for pulling manes peacefully and solving the most pervasive grooming issues.

• This braider-designed, patented tool system is the choice of top professional braiders
• Adjustable strap with braiding implements that hang at wrists for speed, safety and rhythm/uniformity of braids
• Soft black webbing is comfortable on the neck
• Scissors are great for cutting yarn and unbraiding – no seam ripper needed
• Latch hook is straight so braids stay tight
• Promotes speedy braiding.  Tools handily hang at wrists so they are not dropped to the ground, which would slow you down, break your rhythm and lose your feel for the sizing.
• Promotes safety.  If hook is in forelock and horse pulls back, you can control it with the strap, rather than it flapping on the spooked horse’s head.
• Great for sending horses to compete: well turned-out, quiet and confident.
• Available with the celebrated Lucky Braids DVD/Tool or separately.   

• Also includes:
     o Sample of Lucky Braids All-In-One Shampoo, which can reduce rubbing and makes it easier to braid difficult manes Lucky Braids All In One Shampoo Sample
     o Sample of Lucky Braids specialized Braiding Yarn, which has the best properties for making beautiful braids Lucky Braids Yarn Sample
     o Ruthann’s tips for pulling manes peacefully and solving the most pervasive    grooming issues:  big tails, scratches, tail rubbing and stain management. Ruthann's Tips

We recommend Lucky Braids by Ruthann’s Essential Horse Braiding Tools. The basic tools—a latch hook and scissors—are attached to a strap which increases the braider’s ability to braid quickly and safely, since he or she doesn’t need to worry about dropping tools or leaving them in the mane of a startled horse who is pulling back in its crossties.

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