Shiny Happy Horses

Tying Up & Yarn Matters For Braiding

June 23, 2015

Tying Up Horse Braids


The visual rhythm of uniform braids comes from a physical rhythm. So, normally I do one stage of the process at a time. That is: braid the ‪‎mane‬ down, pull it all up, finesse the bottomline then tie- lock ’em down. Doing one stage at a time lets you get a good rhythm and feel. Plus, it is easier to get the bottomline perfectly straight, which is the most important part of the ‪‎braid‬ job.

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Trailer Tail Rubbing Tricks

June 05, 2015

Horse Face


If you have a horses that sits on his tail in the ‪trailer‬, try clipping him high on the halter. And old timer, that has shipped horses for generations, says that can make the difference. The idea is that when able to move their head more, they stress less.

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