Shiny Happy Horses

Bathing Alternatives

October 26, 2014

Heating Water

Cold backs and muscles make horses prone to soundness problems. Soap MUST be rinsed well, or skin irritations will ensue.  So, without warm running water, bathing is not a wise option. YET, those competing or getting clipped need to be clean. There are two very viable options for bathing without wetting horses.

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Horse Resists Clipping?

October 22, 2014

Clipping can be comfy. Many people inadvertently teach horses to dislike being body clipped. Horses get burned by hot blades. So, make sure yours stay cool.   Tune into the temp.  Keeping blades clean and well lubricated is key.  Clean the blades by using a soft brush parallel to the teeth, so as not to dull them.  Keep the teeth well oiled as well. Periodically let blades cool off or switch out machines. If your horse does not like clippers, you can turn the tide by desensitizing him. Start by "using" the clippers without turning them on. Do that until the worry is gone. Then, add your own verbal buzzing. Eventually, you can turn on the blades. Only use them...

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Is That Horse Body Clipped??!

October 06, 2014

YES!!! Freshly clipped and SHINY!!! I get a lot of questions about #BodyClipping. This image was taken last week. The horse had its FIRST CLIP of the fall a week earlier. Does the coat look ruined??? That is #greatgrooming. It's a HIGH COMPLIMENT is when someone asks, “Is that horse clipped?” This horse gets #groomed vigorously daily, before and after work.  This keeps the hair fine.  Currying exfoliates and stimulates oils.  Grooming pulls natural protective oils down the hair shafts, to close the end.  That is why this horse does not have the wire brush look.  Instead, he looks like satin! Normally, Ace of Spades is bathed once a week, sometimes more often. He also got a soap bath before...

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The Painted-On Look

October 02, 2014

Amanda Steege's #TopTurnout We call this the PAINTED-ON LOOK. People talk about numbers of #braids. A great #braider knows what's REALLY important is that the: Bottomline of the #mane is perfectly straight. Braids are sized so they sit well on the neck. Cheat the angle so braids are longer toward the poll than the withers, and the neck looks rounder. Maintain a really uniform and/or gradual visual rhythm to the braids and they carry your eye down the neck. Braids are comfortable and sturdy. Braids that look painted-on won’t jiggle to distract the eye, nor go askew with scrubbing crest releases. This is a topnotch braid job by Jeff Claxton, is yet another way Amanda Steege distinguishes herself and Ashmeadow...

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