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Video Coaching

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Ruthann helps you advance your braiding with Video Coaching.  There will be an exchange of videos, much like with the Evaluation.  However, your needs and plan will have been established.  The Video Coaching is a platform for you to continue to work through your trouble spots and fine tune your technique with Ruthann.  As you advance, Ruthann can aid your progress from braiding manes beautifully to forelocks and then tails.

Each video will have two sections.  First, you want to show that you have mastered Ruthann’s previous suggestions or show trouble spots for her input.  Then, she’ll want to see any progress with your next step.    

Ruthann does not expect complicated editing.  Rough footage is fine.  She’ll scan footage to focus on your greatest needs, commenting on 10-15 minutes of footage.

Lessons can be purchased in packages of 1, 3 or 6 videos.

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