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All-In-One Shampoo     32 oz

Even Greys Glisten and Stay Cleaner! 

Clean ·  Condition · Strengthen

Use instead of: daily, medicated, color and whitening shampoos, conditioner, detangler (comb tails wet), shine sprays, etc.  Rinses fast, coats are more resilient, gleam and stay cleaner longer!  Even greys!  Cleans off red clay and urine!


 Whitener/ Dry Wash Spray     32 oz          

Cleans TOUGH Stains

Unique enzymatic formula lifts all stains, even old ones! 

  • Recent stains bead up and wipe right off.
  • Old stains need a few applications to work through buildup and penetrate hair. The enzyme dies when it dries.  So, spritz stains and let sit.  Keep damp for enzyme to do its deep action.   Wipe clean. 
  • Use All-In-One Shampoo to clean & protect coats.
  • Great for showing horses, cold mornings and ringside.


    Ruthann Smith developed this line of equine Coat Care Products to make QUALITY CARE EASIER.

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