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Initial Evaluation

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 To get started, we need to assess your skills.  The idea is to optimize your learning curve, in order to efficiently and effectively achieve your goals.  Braiding beautifully is a journey.  So, no matter your experience, Ruthann wants to establish that your fundamentals with her proven braiding formula are sound.  The Initial Evaluation will allow her to give you practice points as well as establish a plan for your progress.

 Once you purchase Ruthann’s Evaluation, you’ll receive an email that explains how to send us a video of your braiding.  There is no need to get into complicated edits.  Ruthann is happy to look at rough footage.  She’ll focus on assessing your needs and next steps for building your skills.

Please note the tips for how to create your braiding video.  Be sure to let Ruthann know your braiding goals.

Your video will be returned with Ruthann’s instructions voiced over as well as a strategy for advancing your braiding skills.   Please allow up to two weeks to receive your video.

Once you have practiced and hopefully mastered Ruthann’s suggestions , you can continue to improve your braiding technique, speed and horse handling with Ruthann’s Video Coaching.

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