Daily Practices to Avert Injuries: Leading

By Ruthann Smith
© 2011, Ruthann Smith, All rights reserved.
Originally Published in Equine Journal

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Leading Ahead

While common, this is NOT safe. Always lead from beside the horse's shoulder.

You see it all the time. But, did you know that casually leading a horse improperly can lead to death? I don’t mean to be sensational. It’ is true.

I know two people who have been killed by leading in the latest fashion: with end of the lead rope tossed over the person’s left shoulder and walking in front of the horse. In each case, the quiet horse spooked. The lead rope hooked and hurled the person, breaking their neck. That’s: dead in an instant- just for being unaware.

Another seasonal favorite is grazing with a lead shank folded back on itself. The horse grazes and stomps at flies. When the hoof sneaks into the chain loop, it is all over. The horse breaks a neck or leg.

Proper leading involves both your body position and organization of the lead rope. Here are some tips for keeping safe:

Your Body Position


This configuration will help protect the eye from the halter sliding into it.

Managing The Lead

Keeping safe is a matter of consistently following simple rules. So, lead your horse properly to enjoy lots of safe and relaxing times together.

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