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Some Favorite Days Book by Judy Richter

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"This is my favorite book.  My dear friend and consummate horsewoman Judy Richter, gets you right in the horses' heads and her humor while working the farm.  I lived at Coker Farm all the years I braided.  Often I stayed in the house, so this is all extra fun to share.  It's also G rated, so a great gift for young and old." ~Ruthann

Some Favorite Days: A Collection of Essays describes some of author Judy Richter's favorite memories, many of which transpired on her 100-acre farm in Bedford, New York. Even though it is just thirty-five miles north of Times Square, Coker Farm-home to Richter's avocation as well as her vocation-is in every other respect, worlds away. For more than forty years, Richter has been in the horse business, training young riders and horses for show competition. During her childhood, Richter rode horses on her parent's farm in New Jersey, and she feels fortunate that her career celebrates her passion. Some of her best days off the farm have been at horse shows up and down the East coast, at her even more rural farm in East Barnard, Vermont, and in New York City itself. Encouraged by family, friends, and fellow writers to write about her life on and off the farm, Richter has found writing to be therapeutic. Some Favorite Days features some of this lifelong horse lover's favorite equines and some of her favorite equestrians. Now, more than ever, Richter appreciates just how lucky she is to enjoy such a blessed life.

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