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Judy Richter's books of short stories are SO FUN. She gets you right in horses' heads and her hardy horsewoman's soul. They are my favorites. VERY easy reads and appropriate for teens, too.

Judy also has a great book for young riders to learn not only principles* of English riding, but TONS of care and stable management. 150 photos- GREAT book.

Our enzymatic dry was Spray can keep ANY COLOR mane and tail clean this winter. Spray and wipe off mud. Use it in tails for no yellowing. Best program: wash with Lucky Braids Shampoo, then comb wet. Use spray when hair sticks together. No detangler, conditioner nor conditioner needed. This route is best and easiest.

Handy Salve helps tail rubbing and rubs be soothed and resolved.

Dogs with hot spots- Shampoo and Salve.

Anyone can learn to braid faster or better with our DVD/Tool. Free yarn included. Specify preferred color in comments

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Ruthann Smith
Ruthann Smith